Tashaki Miyaki - 'Facts of Life'

We produced the visuals for album track 'Facts of Life' following the release of 
L.A.-based duo Tashaki Miyaki's new LP, The Dream (one of our spring favorites)
Inspired by the song's lyrics, the video for Facts of Life uses an absurd narrative as a metaphor for mankind's futile race against time. It follows a man who wakes up, running late for an important appointment. Racing against time, the world he finds himself in isn't exactly normal. As his journey continues, his actions trigger surreal visions. In the end, the appointment he's late for is not what you'd expect.
The video stars Ruan Scott as the lead and was shot over 3 days in and around Cape Town, South Africa. 
Gerhard Pretorius directed - lunchbreakfilms. Josh Hundermark shot the piece - joshhundermarkfilms
Altus Brand & Alwine Nolte is bloodsweatandpolony - production, concept, art department, and design. 
Edwin de Swardt swardt.com shot additional footage and did the compositing and final grade.
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